How do I Get started?

                                                                Just call this number: (717) 541-0555

                                                           and we will walk you through the steps by

                                                      asking questions about your business. We will help

                                                you find a domain name (your .COM name) to use, then

                                          design and set up the website. Once completed, it will be 

                                    available for your final review and approval.

Check these sample websites:

What do we provide?

                 -  Website design, 3 pages.

                 -  Website hosting.

                 -  Domain name registration

                 -  Search engine optimization

                 -  Full site management


How fast can I have a website?                                                                                    

          As quickly as 1-2 days.

What does it cost?

          $15.00/mo. No extra charges.


How much is my initial investment?

          Pay one month, $15.00, to start

          the design.  After you approve

          the website design, and it is

          operational, then continue

          monthly payments.


                                                            What if I want additional pages?

                        There is not an extra monthly charge to add additional pages, however, there is

                  charge of $25/half hour for extra design changes to the website that are not a part of

            the $15/mo. package.


                                           What if I want changes at a later date?

           You will get one free change to the website every 3 months. Additional  

     changes cost $10, for changes on one page or $15 for changes on 2-5 pages.


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